Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sombody's blogger fashionist

I really like her outfit...and i also like the bags she Holding.
I abosly love H&M...AWSOME CLOTHES....pLUS these are not my picture this is from somebody else blogger.

skinny jeans and converse

I like her dress:the coulor and the belt.


Love these nike

Saturday, June 6, 2009

camping trip

I went on a camping trip in Berrie(Canada)i think about 2-3 hour on bus,Th camp was called "camp couching".We spend 3 days their 2 night and 3 day.IT was pretty cool their the people who work their are sooo hot,their so young to like 18-22.My Favourite guy's who work their are Mike(AW my favourite love ...him he SO hot,he like skater/snowboarde.r like,he has curly hair,and (weird part)he's my science teacher nephew,Funny story THIS GIRL in my cabin think he hot to right..and she like to our teacher ur nephew he cute and she like "I KNOW"..LOL...and the girl turn around and like and..he teacher just laugh),their also Brenden(i call him Byran,and humberbuger(and yes that his name its pronouns hum-Burger,he the cute curly hair ,people say he look like nick Jonas and i am like eww not nick Jonas is crap he look horrible humberbuger is hotter)the picture on the left is the fire place.And BTW THE CAMP WE WENT TO WAS NEAR THE PLACE WERE THEY FILM CAMP ROCK

This is the giant checker place


Me and my sister!

Me and my sister!