Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well i am a boring person:(

How come i awalys write late at night on a school night and i wake up not tired is that werid?

Omg!Today was the most boring day ever.i awalys said people who say their bored are a boring people who dont know how to have fun.but today is EXTRA boring.

I am going to start at gym. My hole class had to do a 12 (no my gym teacher change it to 16 minute run) was so BAD my rib start hurting at about the 4-5 lap i stop at 6 lap omg my throut hurt. How can anybody in the world ever do that a 12 minutes run i cant even do 10 what make u think i can run 16 mintues,escapillay when its so Fucking hot in the gym.....i wish we could do it out side...its much warm outside cuz its like spring right now in canada....and yes i live in canada..which is where their filming the awsome movie NEW MOON..yaya....ok back to the gym thing out side but therefore(look at me tring to be smart hehehe)our track is huge so i don't wa nt to run...and guess what i just learn that the damn test was next gym class soo i could say myself from fainting......I HATE GYM SOOOOOO MUCH:D

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Me and my sister!

Me and my sister!