Monday, April 20, 2009


ok!This man came to school he look old but not super old like probley 50-60 year old he is soooo funny hahaha funny.right he acting out the war in 19---whatever forgot what year and he wass soo cool he talked about these bomb,rat that ate them a live and the people coul'nt get up because they wear really hurt....and the rat are hu-ggge(I hate rats sooo fucking much their UGLY AHKKK)and the men could'nt take off their boots cuz the rat would eat at their toesss. And their were sad part like his friend went to the war his name was chip he said all the girl love him cuz he was hot.....and so chip sign up to the war and the guy who was talking (fred was the character who he was playing) he promise his mom that he would come back to alive.....but 1 week before the war was almost finish he by mistake shoot him..and shit did he feel bad that was sad.......he was also making fun of this guy infront of me funny story....the guy was really Tall AND he said that talll people dont gooo to the war because u'll be too tall and ur head would be shoot off bam bam bam lool you had to be there to find it funny.....and the guy laugh was soooo funnnny heheheHAHAH

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Me and my sister!

Me and my sister!